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The band Casa de Orates, from South of Brazil, intend to integrate music into a visual concept, using various forms of art within the main musical influence,  progressive rock.

The band has three albums released, Artesão dos Sonhos (2007), Luaria (2013) and Sr. Orates (2016), this last one is a live work that presents in addition to new versions of songs already released, 5 new songs. This live record also generated a music video, which you can check here on the site, in the "Videos" section.

Casa de Orates continues to explore the experiences of human existentialism, postmodern surrealism inserted in the medieval ancestry that fits us, inspires the journey of our artistic production.

The mystical ambience intertwined with the concrete rationality that surrounds us permeates the proposal of our aesthetic representations, especially the musical one.

Long live, prosperous and sweet dreams to all!